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Responsibility and neurolaw events in 2013

Next year is going to be an exciting year if you have an interest in moral and legal responsibility, in the relationship between responsibility and mental capacity, in how the mind sciences and relevant technologies can shed light on these

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What do you mean “capacity”?!

Last week I was in Philadelphia at the Law and Neuroscience: State of the Art conference organised by Dennis Patterson from Rutgers and EUI. The conference lineup was fantastic – it included Debbie Denno, Adam Kolber, Michael Moore, John Mikhail,

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Four weeks in retrospect

Nearly four weeks ago I caught a flight out of Sydney to Amsterdam, and the intervening weeks have been jam-packed with workshops, papers, discussions, trains, friends and more planes. Highlights included: The Capacity-Character Project workshop in Delft was a fabulous

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Kraków or Williamsburg this September?

Until this morning my plans for late September this year seemed pretty solid. I was going to visit Williamsburg, VA, for the conference Responsibility & Relationships: A Conference in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of Strawson’s “Freedom and Resentment”. But

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