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Video footage from “Neuro-Interventions and The Law” conference now available

In case you missed last year’s Neuro-Interventions and The Law: Regulating Human Mental Capacity conference, you can now view video footage of some of the highlights from the conference at the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics‘ youtube channel. The

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On “attending to”, “implementing”, and embodied/extended cognition

It’s two months since Professor Goldberg’s reply to my reply to a section of a section of Dennis Patterson and Michael Pardo’s awesome new book about the conceptual foundations of law and neuroscience. Time flies, and tomorrow I’ll see Dennis

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Draft jacket cover for “Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility”

Here’s a sneak peek at a draft of the jacket cover for my forthcoming edited collection with OUP. The photo was taken by yours truly, which tickles me pink, and it’s a scene from the lovely Dutch city of Delft

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Chapters in “Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility”

Thanks to the Library of Congress, you can now take a sneak peek at the contents of my forthcoming edited volume “Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility” with OUP,… or just see below: Introduction Nicole A Vincent Criminal common law compatibilism Stephen

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Abstract for my forthcoming book

I just finished writing the abstract for my forthcoming edited volume with OUP entitled “Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility”, and here’s the result: How should neuroscience, psychology and behavioural genetics impact on legal responsibility practices? Recent findings from these fields are

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