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Morse conference programme is up

The programme for the Law and Neuroscience: the work of Stephen Morse conference to be held in Florence, Italy, in early June has just gone up! And for your viewing pleasure I’ve replicated it below: DAY 1: SUNDAY, 9 JUNE

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“A Compatibilist Theory of Legal Responsibility” (forthcoming)

I just heard that my article A Compatibilist Theory of Legal Responsibility (CTLR) has been accepted for publication (subject to minor changes) in Criminal Law and Philosophy. This article is particularly dear to me because it’s actually an embryonic version

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Graduate seminar in neurolaw at GSU in Spring 2014

Earlier today I organized my GSU teaching schedule for the coming academic year, and I’m particularly rapt that starting in the Spring 2014 semester I’ll be teaching a graduate seminar on the topic of neurolaw. Awesome, right?! =) Three years

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Law & Neuroscience: the work of Stephen J. Morse

Here’s the latest information about a neurolaw conference you just don’t want to miss: Law & Neuroscience: the work of Stephen J. Morse 10 June 2013 | 0900h-1700h | European University Institute Sala Triaria | Villa Schifanoia | Via Boccaccio,

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Neurointerventions and the Law. 7 March 2013, Hamburg, DE.

A call for abstracts has been issued for a workshop to be held on 7 March 2013 at the Faculty of Law, University of Hamburg, on the topic of Neurointerventions and the Law. Information about the workshop, including a list

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On Non-relevant Science and Neurolanguage

A recently-published piece entitled Criminal Minds: Use of Neuroscience as a Defense Skyrockets cites Nita Farahany‘s finding that “[t]he number of cases in which the judges discuss neuroscience is increasing,” which she reported at the Annual Meeting of the International

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Neurolaw conference focuses on Morse’s body of work

As I mentioned in an earlier post, rumor has it that an awesome neurolaw conference is at this very moment being planned for some time in May or June 2013, that the conference will be hosted at the EUI in

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Responsibility and neurolaw events in 2013

Next year is going to be an exciting year if you have an interest in moral and legal responsibility, in the relationship between responsibility and mental capacity, in how the mind sciences and relevant technologies can shed light on these

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What do you mean “capacity”?!

Last week I was in Philadelphia at the Law and Neuroscience: State of the Art conference organised by Dennis Patterson from Rutgers and EUI. The conference lineup was fantastic – it included Debbie Denno, Adam Kolber, Michael Moore, John Mikhail,

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Draft jacket cover for “Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility”

Here’s a sneak peek at a draft of the jacket cover for my forthcoming edited collection with OUP. The photo was taken by yours truly, which tickles me pink, and it’s a scene from the lovely Dutch city of Delft

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