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Enhancement: the new “normal”?

Ordinary people like students, professionals, and video game players are increasingly using technology to boost their memory, wakefulness, attention, reflexes, and clarity of thought. Cognitive enhancers range from regulated medications like Ritalin, modafinil, and donepezil, to unregulated devices that stimulate

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Cognitive Enhancement and Academic Dishonesty

At Duke University students who engage in “the unauthorized use of prescription medication to enhance academic performance” breach the university’s policy on academic honesty. Wow! Really? This is not a recent development, but I only just learned about it from

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Four weeks in retrospect

Nearly four weeks ago I caught a flight out of Sydney to Amsterdam, and the intervening weeks have been jam-packed with workshops, papers, discussions, trains, friends and more planes. Highlights included: The Capacity-Character Project workshop in Delft was a fabulous

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