Chapters in “Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility”

Thanks to the Library of Congress, you can now take a sneak peek at the contents of my forthcoming edited volume “Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility” with OUP,… or just see below:

  1. Introduction
    Nicole A Vincent
  2. Criminal common law compatibilism
    Stephen J. Morse
  3. What can neurosciences say about responsibility? : taking the distinction between theoretical and practical reason seriously
    Anne Ruth Mackor
  4. Irrationality, mental capacities and neuroscience
    Jillian Craigie & Alicia Coram
  5. Skepticism concerning human agency : sciences of the self vs. “voluntariness” in the law
    Paul Sheldon Davies
  6. The implications of heuristics and biases research on moral and legal responsibility : a case against the reasonable person standard
    Leora Dahan-Katz
  7. Moral responsibility and consciousness : two challenges, one solution
    Neil Levy
  8. Translating scientific evidence into the language of the “folk” : executive function as capacity-responsibility
    Katrina L. Sifferd
  9. Neuroscience, deviant appetites and the criminal law
    Colin Gavaghan
  10. Is psychopathy a mental disease?
    Thomas Nadelhoffer & Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
  11. Addiction, choice, and disease : how voluntary is voluntary action in addiction?
    Jeanette Kennett
  12. How may neuroscience affect the way that the criminal courts deal with addicted offenders?
    Wayne Hall & Adrian Carter
  13. Enhancing Responsibility
    Nicole A Vincent
  14. Guilty minds in washed brains? : manipulation cases, excuses and the normative prerequisites of liberal legal orders
    Jan Christoph Bublitz & Reinhard Merkel

Stay tuned for more info.

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