Video footage from “Neuro-Interventions and The Law” conference now available

In case you missed last year’s Neuro-Interventions and The Law: Regulating Human Mental Capacity conference, you can now view video footage of some of the highlights from the conference at the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics‘ youtube channel. The videos include:

I’m very fond of the conference we hosted here in Atlanta last year. The quality of the speakers was phenomenal, the way the different papers resonated with the conference’s central themes made every paper a contribution to a discussion rather than just an island, and I’m thrilled that we managed to capture some of this on video for y’all to gawk at.

In fact, I’m so fond of the conference, that I’m currently putting together a book of the best papers that were presented there on the same theme and under the same title as the conference. Stay tuned for a sneak preview of the authors whose work will be included in the book, the themes that their papers will explore, and information on where to order the book.

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