Neurolaw conference focuses on Morse’s body of work

As I mentioned in an earlier post, rumor has it that an awesome neurolaw conference is at this very moment being planned for some time in May or June 2013, that the conference will be hosted at the EUI in Florence, and what’s particularly awesome about this brain worm of a rumor is that the theme for this conference will be none other than the whole body of Stephen Morse‘s work!

Rumor has it, you see, because I am the lucky bunny who is co-organizing it with the enigmatic Dennis Patterson (EUI/Rutgers), and just this morning Stephen Morse confirmed that he will indeed take part in this conference.

I was extremely fortunate to be introduced in 2007 to the field of neurolaw through the work of Stephen Morse, whose calm and intelligent approach has since tempered my otherwise more extreme pro-technology leaning instincts. Since then I have tried to follow all of his work, and although I do not always manage to read everything that he writes – the man publishes prolifically (is that even a word?) – nor to agree with everything that he says, even when I disagree with what he says his work still continues to shape my thinking by drawing my attention to the issues and topics that he highlights. Yes, I admit it, I’m a fangirl of Morse’s work.

So, if the prospect of going to lovely Florence in May or June 2013 is not yet sufficient motivation to get you to pencil in those dates into your diary and to start saving your pennies for the airfares and accommodation (and parhaps for the registration fees, though Dennis and I haven’t discussed this yet), then do so because that’s where an amazing conference will take place about the whole body of work of Stephen Morse.

Stay tuned for more information.

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