Month: April 2017

Beyond Law: Protecting victims through engineering and design

Children groomed by online predators, revenge porn victims extorted by unscrupulous internet entrepreneurs, Muslim community members targeted for racialised cyberhate…. Many of the contributors to this book have painted a grim picture of the various ways victims of cybercrimes are

Victims of cybercrime: Definitions and challenges

This chapter highlights two groups of reasons why victims of cybercrime are overlooked by the criminal law. First, and perhaps most surprisingly to many readers, victims and their harms are at best of only marginal interest to the criminal law.

Cognitive Enhancement: A Social Experiment With Technology

Cognitive enhancement (CE) medications and devices – for instance, so-called “smart drugs” and transcranial electrical and magnetic brain stimulators – may change society and our values in various not-obviously-positive ways. But because CE is framed as a medical topic –